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Collaborate with Empathy
Screens and keyboards, there is nothing human about those things. It’s who’s behind the screen and who’s typing on the keyboard that matters. The problem is we are glued to our screens and we are typing away all of the time. It’s more natural however to talk to people. And when you can’t do this [...]
watch and learn conference calling

We are living in strange times, and everyone is having to adapt during this lockdown. A lot of businesses are working 100% remote. During our working days, we have controlled meetings with agendas, and spontaneous unscheduled communication. It is the latter that will be most affected by moving to a 100% remote-first model.  It takes, […]

As a young boy, I remember watching films and cartoons showing characters beamed onto their TV screens for a video chat. This was a futuristic concept back then, but nowadays it’s an everyday occurrence making video calls through Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or a host of other platforms.  The problem now is that it’s an [...]