How Sales Teams can Promote a Learning Culture

Let’s face it, the sales world has become increasingly digital, sales training and coaching has changed.


Modern sales teams need to promote a Learning Culture to advance their performance. Here are some practical tips on how to do this:

1. Run a Marketing Campaign
You might be confused by this first tip, but, you need to think about it as a marketing campaign. To increase adoption in your sales team, they need to be sold to.

Think about the personas of your team, what they like/ dislike, how do they learn currently, what’s in it for them?

For example, often it can be difficult to ask the high performing sales professionals to coach those who are lower down the food chain. You might consider promotional opportunities for the high performers if they contribute, or perhaps access to an accredited learning course.

2. Explain the Benefits of Sharing
As the sales leader, you need to think about how you promote a culture of sharing. If sales professionals feel secure and comfortable – they will likely share their knowledge.

If the messaging is clear, for example ‘Sharing our war stories and client questions across regions will enable us all to learn and improve.’ This could be one strategy you adopt.

3. Onboard your Team
It’s important you don’t forget to explain the new methods for training and coaching within your team. Sales professionals are extremely busy a lot of the time, therefore, you need to ensure they know how to access the tools you provide. Think about how-to guides and access to help information.

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