Analytics and Insights

Measure Learning Engagment

Enhance Learning Experiences with Deep Insights

We all need our virtual learning events to be memorable.

Analytics can help with planing your next event. With knowledge of what worked and what didn’t in your event, you will be able to continuously improve your learning experiences.

Harnessing event analytics is a must for event administrators and managers who want to successfully execute learning programs and workshops. 

Your learning program is a goldmine of data – and we’ll help you use it the right way. 


Greater Insights Leads to Better Learning Experiences

Watch and Learn does not only provide data on the digital footfall of your event; we also help you track other key metrics to constantly improve your learning experience. 

Here are some of the ways Watch and Learn allows you to reap benefits from the data of each virtual learning event. 

Track Engagement Levels on Live Stage

Downloadable CSV files show you who registered to learn, who attended and for how long. You get to see when someone joined a learning session and when they left giving you a paper trial. 

Track Engagement For The Expo Hall and Meetings

Observe, track and analyze who attended each video room and virtual booth. See how long people stayed alongside their names and roles.

Measure and Evaluate Video Analytics

Stay abreast of video analytics including the number of plays per video and who played each video to see which content is engaging.

Trace Conversational Analytics

See conversational analytics including the words which have been most frequently used with Wordle Graphs

Putting Event Insights and Analytics into Action

Our data analytics will help you churn out meaningful information, allowing you to better understand your participants, and enabling your learning events to become more impactful.

Here are five ways you can put event data and insights into real action for your learning programs:

  • Improvement in learner engagement based on analytics
  • Personalization of content
  • Uncovering trends and patterns
  • Understanding your learners’ behaviour and engagement levels with respect to content type
  • Measurement of Return On Investment (ROI)


Understand Better Your Cohort Based Learning Today