Video, Audio, and Chat Messaging

Let the medium suit the message with our video, audio, and chat messaging platform. Available across private direct messages and group chats, you can keep in touch with your team in the way that makes the most sense at the time.

Type a message, record a thought, show off an idea – whether it’s a quick note or a complicated concept, the messaging platform makes it easy for you to share your thoughts and listen to your team’s feedback.

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How to use the messaging feature

  • Navigate to your platform.
  • Choose an active contact or click on the + to search for other contacts.
  • Select video, audio, or text and record or type your message.
  • If you want, attach a file or link out to an external page.
  • Click send.

Video messaging

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk face-to-face – but when you can’t get together or jump on a call, video messaging is the next best thing!

Record your message on your webcam or phone camera and send it directly to a friend or in a group chat. If you’re on your desktop, the Transcription feature will automatically convert your message to text, taking care of your notes for you.

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Audio messaging

If you’ve got a quick note or idea, give your keyboard a break and send a quick audio message instead. Simply click record, vocalise your brilliant ideas, and share with your direct contacts or group chat.

The Transcription feature will automatically spell out whatever you’ve said, so your team has the option to listen, read, and respond in their own time.

Chat messaging

The Chat feature makes it easy to keep in touch with your team and make sure you’re all on the same page. Send direct and group chat messages back and forth via desktop or mobile.

If you need to add context or share something from outside of the platform, click the icons to upload document or external links.

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