Registration and Attendance

Register, Manage and Track Participants

Do you want to manage your learners easily, quickly, and seamlessly?

There is no sense in fussing around with different files to register and manage your event participants and learners when there is a better way.

Counting, checking, and tracking your learners’ identities during an online event can be an uphill battle. Sometimes, you’ll need to dedicate one whole resource to manage the journey of your participants during the event!

Also, it can be frustrating for participants to pass through a long and tedious registration process. Allowing your participants to self-register means there is less admin and all your data is in one place.

Create a Learning Community with Watch and Learn

Wouldn’t it be nice to manage your participant list in real-time?

Yes, it’s possible to create a seamless learner journey from registration to event analytics, all in a single platform!

Here’s a sneak peek into how we have integrated all the features needed to register and monitor your learners for higher engagement:

Registration form

A quick, snappy, and easy-to-use registration form that is GDPR compliant! It allows participants to create their complete profile, with credentials and a profile picture.


Give your learners the complete event experience with a reception area including welcome videos and instructions for learners.


Showcase your sponsors with banners and logos. Set sponsorship levels on your live learning platform for different types of partners.


Run a complete event schedule spread over multiple days to keep your learners on track and engaged.


Track learning event insights including attendance, live stage engagement and virtual booth visitor numbers. 

People Directory

Maintain a people directory for all of your learners including who’s online, with the ability to message or video call instantly. 

One Platform – No Switching Between Platforms

Our all-in-one platform means all your data is in one place for easy access.
One platform means there is no context switching and leads to a better learning experience.