Say NO to long emails

Say STOP to distractions

Say GOODBYE to Zoom fatigue

The all-in-one communication platform that will superpower your remote work life!

A new communication experience that will change your remote work lifestyle forever!

Async Communication with Voice notes and Videos
Sync Communication with Live Video calls

Key Features

Record and share videos to

reduce time spent in meetings

Add it to the Timeline, Groups or Chats

Why Watch and Learn?

Knowledge Transfer

Search for your previous videos using the Search function.


Send pre-recorded screencasts to make your meetings interactive


Send instant feedback to groups or individuals using the video and voice feature.

Product Management

Train your sales team and give instant feedback with voice recording and voice notes.


Q1: Who can use Watch and Learn?

Ans: This video messaging platform is suitable for a variety of businesses and brands , including but not limited to Onboarding, Sales, Marketing, Software Development, Appraisals, and Knowledge transfer.

Q2: How do I get Watch and Learn?

Ans: Watch and Learn is available to download on iOS and Android and can also be accessed from your desktop.

Q3: How do I use Watch and Learn for video

Ans: You can connect face-to-face from wherever, whenever, using video calls. You can also host group or 1-on-1 meetings with your team.

Q4: How much does Watch and Learn cost?

Ans: The Basic version is available for free. There are three other plans available. Check the Pricing page to learn more about the cost.

Q5: Is Watch and Learn safe?

Ans: Yes, this platform is absolutely safe for you to use.

Q6: Can I brand the platform?

Ans: You can create your very own public or privately branded video site which works across all platforms be it web or mobile.

Q7: Does Watch and Learn have a Chrome plug-in?

Ans: Yes, we do.

Q8: Can I review my content before sharing it?

Ans: Yes, you can review all the content you create, including videos, before you share with others.

Watch and Learn

All-In-One Remote Work Platform