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The All-In-One Video Platform

Video calls and video messages for work

Record and Share Videos

Record on the go by using the iOS and Android apps, or login via desktop from the comfort of your own home.

Audio to Text Transcripts

Videos are converted directly to text so you can share your notes with the team.

Screencasting and Screen Sharing

Our screencasting feature allows you to record your on-screen activity and share it with others.

Engagement Analytics

Monitor engagement on your videos by looking at plays and sentiment. Get insight on yourself with word usage, which collects and displays your commonly used words and phrases.

Video, Audio, and Chat Messaging

Record and send quick video, audio, and chat messages to your contacts through a platform that’s customisable to your brand

Video Calling

Connect face-to-face from wherever you are with our video calling feature. Compatible with both desktop and mobile, it’s easy to host group meetings or chat one-on-one with your team.

See everything and listen to everyone

Before Watch and Learn: For too long overly structured and formal e-mail communications have got in the way of how we effectively share our information with our colleagues. 

After Watch and Learn: The all-in-one video platform allows us to discuss ideas and plans with expressive video calling or voice notes; you can make your point with more detail, emotion, and emphasis. Whether you’re looking for one – to – one discussion, fire quick ideas over to colleagues, or schedule reoccurring video calls – Watch and Learn has it all!

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Watch and Learn Timeline
Watch and Learn Social Learning
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A New Communication Experience

Gone are the days of trying to battle with the endless stream of emails in your inbox! The platform is packed full of features that you can choose from. Our high quality video and audio will help you create a way of working that works for you.

Videos are a great way of connecting and communicating on a personal level, but we understand that it still can be difficult to absorb everything with just one watch. This is why we’ve included a transcription feature which will convert the content of your video directly to text, making it easy to share your notes with your colleagues. 

Watch and Learn is available to download on iOS and Android as well as being accessible from your desktop. Whether you’re working out and about, or from the comfort of your own home – we have a solution for you!

So, who is the Watch and Learn platform useful for? The answer is anyone! Our client base consists of Project teams, Design firms, Freelancers, Consultants, Architects, Marketing agencies, Large companies, Schools, Non-profits

These are just a few examples of the industries around the world that have switched to Watch and Learn to enhance the way they share knowledge.

Humanising communication & learning

Here are a few ways in which Watch and Learn can help improve engagement:

  • See who has played your audio messages or watched your videos
  • Personalise the video platform with your own company and brand logos
  • Get live text transcriptions on your video messages, voice notes, and screencasts.
  • There’s no need to download any software – simply sign up and you’re ready to go!
Watch and Learn Mobile
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Watch our Latest Video

See how Watch and Learn will benefit your business!

What Can Watch and Learn be Used For?

Record and send quick videos to your colleagues through a branded platform.


Use the search function to search for videos you’ve previously uploaded at any time. Your videos are saved on your own personal cloud, so you don’t have to worry about security being an issue.


Getting bored of presenting in your meetings? Send a pre-recorded screen cast to make your meetings more interactive.


Send instant feedback to groups or individuals by using the video and voice feature. Everything will be transcribed for you there and then!


Use video recording to train your sales team. Use the platform to answer any questions, or give instant feedback using the voice notes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we're asked. However, please do contact us if you want to know anything else.

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What types of business can use Watch and Learn?
The platform is suitable for a variety of businesses and brands to use as for On-boarding, Sales, Marketing, Software Development, Appraisals and Knowledge transfer.
Can you brand the platform?
You can create your very own public or privately branded video site which works across all platforms be it web or mobile.
Does it have a Google Chrome plug-in?
Yes, you can also download the Watch and Learn Google Chrome plugin to enable quick recording and sharing of screen-casts via the Chrome Web Browser on your timelines, your groups and your private messages.
Can you review your content before sharing it?
Yes, you can review all the content you create, including videos, before you share with others.

Download the Watch and Learn App

You can download the Watch and Learn app for Android and iOs here.

Find out how to get the most out of Watch and Learn by downloading our handy user guides!

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or want to request a demo, please get in touch.

Watch and Learn ebook

Download our E-book by Watch and Learn CEO, Sean Gilligan. He shares his thoughts on how to bridge the gap between in-person meetings and emails.

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