Practice Skills

Sales and customer support teams can record, share and learn from peers using Watch and Learn.

Knowledge Sharing

Watch and Learn is the ultimate platform for peer-to-peer knowledge creation, sharing and exchange.

Social Connect

You can connect with professionals similar to you, learn from them and ask them questions.

Knowledge sharing with video made easy.

Maximise knowledge sharing on the job to provide your workforce with performance support.
watch and learn knowledge sharing
"Simply Amazing"

“We use Watch and Learn for our internal team collaboration and content sharing.
The app is easy to use and push notifications keeps us informed about new videos.”


Make every employee a contributor to create a high-performance enterprise! Videos can be posted in 1 to 1 chats, private groups and to the general public.

Employee-Generated Video

Video gets more engagement than any other type of media. Watch and Learn turns your learners into curators of content.

Aggregate all your elearning content.
Build your own libraries with content generated by your company's experts.
Take video content from a variety of sources, curate it and organise it.
Get continuous learning recommendations.
Create reports and analytics to help you proactively identify knowledge gaps.
Receive push notifications when team members add content.
Integrate Watch and Learn with your Learning Management Systems LMS.
Capture and play videos from any device.

Knowledge Sharing

Nurture aCulture of Learning

Watch and Learn makes it easy for employees to create and share learning content, creating a high-performance enterprise.


On a Mission to Unforget Learning

In the ever competitive, global market, companies are using learning as a competitive advantage.

There’s been numerous studies about how learning is happening on the job, the most famous being the 70:20:10 model. This theory explains how most of learning in a corporate happens not in the classroom or in a structured virtual experience, but instead on the job, and 70% of it. The 20% is through peers and 10% in the classroom or ‘formal learning.

The focus now is less in the formal element of learning and more with the informal. This is due to two major factors, one – the expectation of the modern learner has changed, they are using these technologies in everyday life, so expect more. Two – learning has become part of the culture, a competitive advantage for forward thinking businesses, the modern learner needs learning at the speed at which their business is adapting and changing.

The new rapid authoring is video. The days of creating online learning using SCORM objects is dated. The business is changing too fast. User generated video is on the rise, businesses can leverage mobile technology to provide authentic at the point of need learning content. They can also rehearse their learning with others within a social community. This is great for sales and customer success teams.

Watch and Learn is a tool that enables retention of learning within your organisation, making the informal learning a formal process for L&D teams to capture learning as it happens in the business. We have found that this increases retention of learning for 80% and more over time, rather than completely diminishing.

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