Your Video HQ

All-in-one video workplace: screen recording, meeting recordings and messaging in one place.

People move between tables to enter different video rooms.

Live Stage Streaming

Stream live presentations on the stage with live polls & chat.
Non-attendees can access recordings so nothing is missed.

Virtual Events

Create virtual events over multiple days.
Run events over multiple tracks.


Record your screen in minutes and post screencasts to chat, groups, my videos or timelines.
Download Watch and Learn Screen Recorder

Share Short Videos

Take transparency to new levels with async video.

Measure Engagement

Understand engagement and know which videos are working.

Booking System

Book 1 to 1 sessions with managers and co-workers.
Our booking system makes it easy to schedule meetings.

See who’s online

See everyone’s latest posts.
Video call or message people all on one platform.

Don’t miss a thing

Notifications for new messages and meetings.

Video Inbox

A different type of inbox.
Encourage connections whilst working flexibly.
Send and receive async video messages, voice notes or text messages.

Build Personal Connections

Send outreach videos with instant call back and meeting booking options.

You’re in control

Turn on and off features to customise your video experience.
Send alerts to everyone on your video workspace.

Insights and Analytics

Measure engagement with conversational analytics.