Video Calls, Video Messaging and Screencasts for Schools

Live and On-Demand Video Lessons

It’s no surprise that Watch and Learn is a great tool for teaching and learning – after all, it’s right there in the name! Whether you’re leading large groups or conducting small tutoring sessions, there are many ways to make the platform work for you and your students. Watch and Learn is a secure GDPR compliant video portal means that students are protected.

Improve communication and find opportunities of innovative collaboration – explore just some of the ways Watch and Learn can be used in the world of education.

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Demonstrate and present

Sometimes you have to put the words with a picture in order for a concept to make sense – and that’s where our Screencasting and Screen Sharing features come in handy.


Screencasting allows you to record your screen with your voice and instantly share it.

Use screencasting to:

  • Give a step-by-step tutorial of a tool or process
  • Pre-record presentations
  • Provide feedback on a piece of work
  • Allow students to present their work and ideas
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Screen Sharing

Screen sharing allows you to share your screen in real time, either during a group call or a one-on-one chat.

Use screen sharing to:

  • Add context to your lectures or presentations
  • Provide a basis for a group discussion
  • Demonstrate a process

Discuss and share

Ask and answer questions, encourage discussion, and make sure all voices are heard with the Video Calling and Messaging features. Bring your virtual classroom to life and make sure everyone is connected.

Whether you need to get a large group together in one space or you’re looking for ways to chat one-on-one, it’s easy to keep in touch.

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Video Calling

With Video Calling, you can chat face-to-face with groups or individuals on both desktop and mobile.

Use Video Calling to:

  • Host lectures and workshops
  • Present projects and assignments
  • Encourage and monitor group discussions
  • Catch up with individual students about progress, goals, and achievements


Keep communication clear and current with the messaging platform. Send quick video, audio, and chat messages to groups or individuals on both desktop and mobile, so you can keep on top of the conversation wherever you are.

Use Messaging to:

  • Encourage and monitor ongoing discussion
  • Share quick tips and ideas
  • Request and keep track of student engagement
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Analyse and assess

All those brilliant discussions and time spent honing ideas – but what impact is it having? Find out with our Analytics tools, which will help you monitor progress and track engagement.

Use the Analytics tool to:

  • Keep track of your own activity in the Popular Groups and Popular Chats tabs
  • Monitor student engagement in the Plays tab
  • Visualize the topics your students have been covering the most with the Word Usage feature