Community Administrator

You Are In Control

Never Lose Control

Here’s a quick question for you: Have you ever wanted a tool that gave you access to manage and control a complete, virtual learning event? No, we are not just talking about adding or removing participants.

We are talking about a tool that allows you to fully customize the complete ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of the virtual learning experience.

Having a community administrator who is in control of the complete journey for all stakeholders can streamline the complete event. The end result?

An effective, efficient and engaging virtual event!

What’s Special About Our Administrative Features?

Simply put, Watch and Learn’s Community Administrator is the only source of truth.

Administration with Watch and Learn is a multi-layered tool that supports you in executing and controlling a seamless event through:

The Ability To Customize Site Details

Each learning event can be customized with a name, description, logo, and color theme reflecting the ‘promise’ of each event

Managing Participants and Users

Add, edit or delete participants as per requirements. Manage access of each participant in terms of being a regular learner, presenter, or administrator

Brand your space

Add your logo and colours to brand your site.

Send Announcements and Alerts

Keep learners updated with important site-wide announcements and alerts!

Organizing Through Categories

Organize your social timeline with categories or sub-categories to better structure content.

Setting The Event Schedule

Create learning experiences over multiple days and multiple tracks. Your schedule can link to sessions on the live stage, traditional video meetings, the expo halls, or to one-on-one networking sessions. 

Leveraging Branding Opportunities

Generate revenue through branding opportunities for sponsors. Sponsorship levels and logos can be featured during the live event.

Manage The Expo Hall

Manage the expo hall by adding unlimited tables for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people and creating branded virtual booths for sponsors.

Collect Real-Time Feedback

Use live polls to collect real-time feedback from learners. Graphs are instantly displayed which can provide a talking point or interactive engagement from learners. Feedback can help with future learning design and planning.

Customize Navigation Features

Customize learning experiences by enabling or disabling navigation features. Advanced learners can have all features enabled. You can limit and lock down your learning experience by easily turning navigation options on and off. 

Moderate Event Content

Report inappropriate or offensive content for immediate review by moderators.

Manage The Site Through Advanced Settings

Edit each learning event and site’s access; set access to public or invite-only.

Administrative Controls In Action

All learning curators know that the real action happens behind the scenes.
Do you want to see our administrative control in action too?