Live Stage

Stream from The Live Stage

Why Do You Need A Live Stage?

Maximize Audience Engagement with a Professional Live Stage, Keeping Your Presentation in the Spotlight and Captivating Your Audience’s Attention

Elevate Enthusiasm and Interaction with a Live Stage Equipped with Polls and Chat Features, Amplifying Participant Engagement – Let’s Explore How!

Unleash Your Potential with Our Dynamic Live Stage

Experience Unmatched Features on Our Live Stage, Elevating Your Talks and Presentations to Engage and Inspire Your Audience

Multiple Stages

Conducting a virtual event on different topics but don’t want to keep your audience waiting? You can run up to 5 presentations at the same time!

Green Room

You know what they say, practice makes perfect – do a quick, dry run in the green room with the hosts, speakers, and sponsors.

You’ll get an instant dose of confidence along with a mental map of what the presentation will look like. Say goodbye to fumbling at the event.

Record Your Presentation

By recording and sharing your presentation, you can share it with the no-shows and allow learners to absorb information at their own pace.

Attendee List

You can monitor and use the attendee list to interact with the attendees by name, and give shout-outs and personal greetings!


Has a presenter cancelled? Don’t worry, just use the SimuLive feature to play pre-recorded videos when presenters can’t make it.


Track who joined the stage and when they left to make sure the event is flowing as per schedule.

Moderated Chat

Engage with your audience through moderated, live chat. Admins can also moderate and delete comments where appropriate within a 5-second lapse.

Live Poll

To evaluate and enhance, conduct a live poll with your participants and get real-time feedback on your performance! Use this to do an even better job next time!

Set the Stage For a Successful Virtual Event

The Live Stage is the closest way of creating your own TV channel.
And there’s no better to deliver a spectacular than by using a virtual, live stage!
Set yourself up for success and stream your presentation to 100, 1,000 or 10,000 people.