Being recorded is uncomfortable at first but worthwhile

We all record things by writing things down using a pen or pencil. So why is it any different when it comes to recording your voice or a video? Looking in a mirror is one of the few times during the day that we see ourselves as we really are. Of course, if we’re looking our best this is great but if we aren’t, it can be uncomfortable. This is no different when it comes to recording your voice or a video.


Just as you can playback the written word by reading, playing your video or your recorded voice allows for a recap and follow up. Perhaps one of the most uncomfortable parts of recording is the playback of your voice or a video. At first, listening to your own voice in isolation or watching back a video is a little strange.

We all know that practice makes perfect and the more we practice and repeat ourselves, the better we become. If we are open-minded to the fact that our communication can always be improved, then recording yourself, playing this back and sharing this with others is a way to improve.

I was sat in Millennium Square in Leeds the other day watching the return of the cyclists from the Tour de Yorkshire. I noticed one of the cyclists had a camera on top of his helmet. At first, it looked a little bit odd and then I realised, this was used to decrease his insurance premium. In our homes, we all have smart speakers and they’re constantly recording and listening out to improve how they process natural language by better understanding our voices. Of course, Millennials are more than happy to sit in front of SnapChat for hours recording videos and communicating with their friends. More and more recording is happening in our world be it CCTV, telephone calls for training purposes or self-publishing.

If you’re a leader or you’re in sales the reality is you have to present from time to time. By Hollywood definition, this means you are an actor. You might also be a director. Therefore, the art of delivering key messages in a clear, entertaining and engaging way is a key competence that will determine your success.

Just as in sales, a customer or prospect is judging whether they can trust you or not and whether you can understand their needs. In leadership, employees are hanging on your every word and one slip of the tongue might be miss interpreted in a potentially negative way, to the detriment of the business.

Rehearsals and practising are key. However, you won’t always have somebody next to you to watch and give feedback. This is where digital technology can help.

By recording your voice or video, it forces you to think more about what you say and to take a closer look at your body language. At first, this can be somewhat uncomfortable for some people but over time it allows you to better understand yourself.

Remember when communication isn’t working you’ve often got to change your approach. Understanding how good you are at acting out a script and delivering it will make you a better leader.

Just as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and others have given famous speeches down the years, you too can raise the bar and delight your audience. All you need to do is get started recording yourself.

One final point is worth noting. When you build up an audio or video archive of yourself you can play this back in six months or 1 years time. You can see how you have developed as a person but also remember what you were saying back then. All of this is very interesting when it comes to your personal development.

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