Category: Asynchronous Communication

Bridging the Gap Between Slack and Zoom

It is not an understatement to say that communication is the key to great work culture. A culture that thrives with productivity, efficiency, and positivity has one thing at its core – excellent communication between all its employees.  The strength of a company’s communication has been tested even more so in the pandemic. People cannot […]

Team Group Messaging

In our personal lives, WhatsApp is a great way of organising socials with friends in groups or perhaps getting those reminders about sending a birthday card. We’ve all been there in the supermarket only to receive a message can you get some milk or bread? Mostly these messages are texts but sometimes they are voice […]

Watch and Learn Social Learning

Remote teams have always been challenging. But with more of us working remotely than ever before, these challenges are exacerbated and brought to the fore. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the old ways don’t cut it in the “new normal” world of remote work. Asynchronous communication – specifically, meetings – offers […]

Flip Your Meetings
Flipped Meetings Unproductive meetings cost economies millions of pounds and force adults to doodle wasting time. This lack of attention is a lost opportunity. Statistically, an average American can lose 10% of their lives in meetings which is a scary statistic to reflect on. Every week there is meeting monotony. This is because when you [...]