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Watch and Learn Examples
If you want to learn something new, it can help to watch and learn from examples. This is true for everything from learning a new language to fixing a broken appliance. In business, watching and learning from examples can be hugely beneficial. There are all sorts of ways to find business examples to learn from. [...]

The current workplace environment is changing, which necessitates a shift in business communication. Furthermore, with so many companies working remotely, it’s critical to keep the information as simple as possible. How can you get your staff to pay attention, take notes, and comprehend the material you present?  By incorporating visual communication into the workplace, both […]

Bridging the Gap Between Slack and Zoom

It is not an understatement to say that communication is the key to great work culture. A culture that thrives with productivity, efficiency, and positivity has one thing at its core – excellent communication between all its employees.  The strength of a company’s communication has been tested even more so in the pandemic. People cannot […]