Why You Should Stop Slacking And Switch To Watch and Learn

The pandemic has changed the working landscape forever. We simply cannot go back to the way we worked before. The only way to move forwards is to embrace remote working for what it is. And one of the biggest challenges it poses is: how do we get anything done?

Slack, despite being the premier tool for office communication for so long, lacks severely in many aspects. Its text-only interface became even less functional with the rise of remote working.

Today, teams worldwide are opting for video-based messaging tools such as Watch and Learn to communicate in better and faster ways. 

Here are some of the reasons why you, too, should drop faceless text communication and opt for Watch and Learn for your team today:


Communicate and connect

The sole purpose of Slack is to facilitate communication between teams and it cannot really achieve that due to its very nature of being faceless. It may work in an office setting because people already are in close proximity there and have a pre-established connection with one another, but is not so great an option for remote teams. 

89% of employees agree that video communication makes them feel more connected to their colleagues. Video communication helps you communicate in a faster, more meaningful way. When there is a connection between members of a team, culture grows.

By sending quick videos to one another, you can understand what the other person wants to say better, complete with the tone and context they meant it in. It helps you form a connection with your team that, in turn, helps your coordination with one another as well as your productivity. 


Work faster

On average, a person speaks seven times faster than they write when it comes to business communication. Put simply, writing out business messages is, quite literally, seven times slower than simply saying it to the other person. It makes less sense to subject yourself or your coworkers to a deliberately slower method when better options are available. 

Writing a message requires you to phrase the message first, type it out, and re-read it to make sure you’ve covered everything before you hit send. More often than not, you may find errors in the message post-sending it.

With a video, it’s simple because speaking comes naturally to us. You don’t have to phrase anything beforehand. You simply say what you need to and if you miss anything, you can send a video again. Easy and effective. 


Understand better

70 to 90% of face-to-face communication is non-verbal. These elements are the tone of voice, facial expressions, etc. that are the relational cues that help the other person understand your message clearly. 

This means that when you send a text, you are essentially missing a large chunk of the relational cues necessary to understand a message. Sending a video solves the problem as one can see the other person say the message to them. You can even gauge their mood as they speak to you.

Clarity in the workplace exponentially speeds up the work process. People can perform better when they understand instructions better and feel connected to the people they are working with. 


Boost creativity

As Steve Jobs has famously said, ideas cannot be born through emails and chats. Creativity comes from people having face-to-face discussions and brainstorming together. Video communication with Watch and Learn frees people of the 9 to 5 constraints and allows your ideas to form and develop organically. 

You can reflect on problems and come up with solutions at your own pace, stimulate your creative side and shoot ideas at your team whenever they come to you. Just as easily, you can conduct a virtual meeting with your team where they can join you from the comfort of their homes and all of you can shoot ideas at each other.


To sum up

Watch and Learn allows you to blend the advantages of text-based communication with face-to-face communication without the disadvantages of any of them.

Send quick videos to your team they can watch and reply to on their own time. Boost productivity and form connections with your people as you go along. 

Ready to join the new age of communication? Join Watch and Learn and invite your team today.