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Beyond Productivity to Engagement

Organizations strive to optimize both productivity and engagement to foster a motivated and high-performing workforce. While productivity focuses on achieving targets and meeting deadlines, employee engagement goes beyond mere output management. It encompasses how employees feel about their work, their connection to the company’s mission, and their overall job satisfaction. One emerging approach to enhancing […]

Async Video Progress Updates

Daily work diaries and debriefs with videos and screencasts are becoming increasingly popular as remote work becomes more common. This approach provides several benefits for teams, such as improved communication, increased transparency, enhanced collaboration, better learning and development, and more efficient time management. One of the key advantages of using videos and screencasts for is […]

employee engagement

Streamline Communication and Boost Engagement with Daily Internal Podcasts In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are always looking for ways to improve communication, engagement, and productivity among their staff. One way to achieve these goals is by implementing a daily internal podcast for your business. By using a platform like Watch and Learn, your staff […]

How to Reduce Context Switching, Burnout, and Churn in the Digital Age The way we are currently working is not sustainable. Constant context switching, using multiple platforms, and relying on synchronous communication can lead to burnout, staff churn, and even “quiet quitting” as employees become overwhelmed and disengaged. To address these issues, it is necessary […]

Watch and Learn Examples
If you want to learn something new, it can help to watch and learn from examples. This is true for everything from learning a new language to fixing a broken appliance. In business, watching and learning from examples can be hugely beneficial. There are all sorts of ways to find business examples to learn from. [...]

The current workplace environment is changing, which necessitates a shift in business communication. Furthermore, with so many companies working remotely, it’s critical to keep the information as simple as possible. How can you get your staff to pay attention, take notes, and comprehend the material you present?  By incorporating visual communication into the workplace, both […]