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Watch Videos Instead of Back to Back Meetings

Gone are the days when the office was the sole hub for productivity and connection. In today’s ever-evolving work landscape, flexibility is key, and hybrid and remote work setups have become the new norm. To thrive in this new era, it’s crucial to invest in digital tools that empower collaboration, communication, and efficient workflows. These […]

Webanywhere Team

Successful leadership is often attributed to individuals who possess a forward-thinking mindset, adaptability, and innovative approaches to managing their businesses. Sean Gilligan, the founder of Webanywhere, is a shining example of such leadership. Since its establishment in 2003, Webanywhere has become a renowned provider of innovative e-learning solutions, serving clients in the United States, UK, […]

UX UI Design with Async Video

Design review meetings play a vital role in ensuring the success of software projects by thoroughly examining and refining design aspects such as wireframes, prototypes, and UI/UX designs. These meetings involve collaborative discussions, feedback exchange, and iterative revisions to achieve the desired outcomes. In this blog post, we will explore how Watch and Learn, a […]

Sprint Planning Meeting

Sprint planning meetings play a crucial role in Agile development as they set the foundation for a productive and successful sprint. However, there can be challenges with preparation, planning, and follow-up in these meetings. One common problem is inadequate pre-meeting preparation. Team members may fail to fully understand user stories or tasks, leading to delays, […]

Daily Stand Up Meetings with Async Video

Daily stand-up meetings, also known as Daily Scrums, are a staple in Agile development processes. These brief gatherings allow development teams to synchronize their efforts, discuss progress, address challenges, and plan tasks for the day. However, with the rise of remote work and distributed teams, the traditional format of in-person stand-up meetings may not always […]

Stakeholder Management with Async Video

When stakeholder management goes wrong, the consequences can be detrimental to a project’s success. Poor stakeholder management often leads to misunderstandings, conflicts, and a breakdown in communication. Stakeholders may feel excluded, unheard, or neglected, resulting in loss of trust and support. This can lead to resistance, delays, and increased project costs. Moreover, mismanaging stakeholders can […]

Webanywhere Team

Webanywhere is a rapidly growing tech company and Founder Sean Gilligan faced a challenge. His 100 staff members were spread across Poland, UK, France, USA, and Paraguay, making traditional communication methods time-consuming and costly. Determined to streamline the process, Sean embarked on a quest to find a solution that would save time, money, and reduce […]

Hybrid Work Success

Hybrid work, characterized by a blend of remote and office-based work, has emerged as a popular work arrangement in the future of work. While it offers the promise of flexibility and work-life balance, many employees are experiencing emotional exhaustion and challenges in navigating this new way of working. The constant shifts between workplaces disrupted routines, […]

Too Many Meetings

In today’s hybrid work world, it’s easy to get caught up in a never-ending cycle of meetings. But what if there was a way to reduce the number of meetings you have while still staying connected with your team? That’s where Watch and Learn comes in. Watch and Learn is a video messaging platform that […]

Asynchronous Video Communication

In the evolving landscape of hybrid work environments, understanding the context of communication is crucial for maximizing productivity. Traditional modes of communication, such as emails and instant messaging, have served us well, but they often lack the personal touch and real-time interaction that we crave. Enter asynchronous video communication, a game-changing solution that combines the […]