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Webanywhere Team

Webanywhere is a rapidly growing tech company and Founder Sean Gilligan faced a challenge. His 100 staff members were spread across Poland, UK, France, USA, and Paraguay, making traditional communication methods time-consuming and costly. Determined to streamline the process, Sean embarked on a quest to find a solution that would save time, money, and reduce […]

Video for Internal Communi

Running an online coaching business can be rewarding, but managing multiple platforms and software licenses can lead to increased costs and complexity. Say goodbye to these challenges with Watch and Learn, the all-in-one platform designed to simplify your coaching business. We’ll explore the unique benefits of Watch and Learn, a comprehensive online coaching platform. Consolidate […]

Hybrid Work Success

Hybrid work, characterized by a blend of remote and office-based work, has emerged as a popular work arrangement in the future of work. While it offers the promise of flexibility and work-life balance, many employees are experiencing emotional exhaustion and challenges in navigating this new way of working. The constant shifts between workplaces disrupted routines, […]

5 Ways to Upskill Your People

Traditional learning approaches often revolve around physical classrooms, training sessions, or online platforms that are primarily accessible within the office environment. This can pose several challenges when it comes to learning outside of office hours or while being away from the workplace: Without enough resources and systems, it’s hard or impossible to access learning materials […]

Asynchronous Video Interviews

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their hiring process and gain a competitive edge. Asynchronous video interviews have emerged as a powerful tool for achieving this goal. Unlike traditional in-person or live video interviews, asynchronous video interviews offer a convenient and efficient solution that saves time for both […]

Too Many Meetings

In today’s hybrid work world, it’s easy to get caught up in a never-ending cycle of meetings. But what if there was a way to reduce the number of meetings you have while still staying connected with your team? That’s where Watch and Learn comes in. Watch and Learn is a video messaging platform that […]

Asynchronous Video Communication

In the evolving landscape of hybrid work environments, understanding the context of communication is crucial for maximizing productivity. Traditional modes of communication, such as emails and instant messaging, have served us well, but they often lack the personal touch and real-time interaction that we crave. Enter asynchronous video communication, a game-changing solution that combines the […]

Create Microlearning Videos

Attention spans are decreasing and the workforce is increasingly dominated by Gen Z and Millennials, traditional learning methods are facing new challenges. Fortunately, microlearning has emerged as a powerful solution to address these issues. With higher completion and retention rates compared to traditional learning, microlearning offers organizations an effective tool to upskill employees, enhance onboarding […]

Video for Customer Support

Enhancing Customer Support with Watch and Learn: The Power of Video Customer support has become a critical aspect of any successful business. Finding effective ways to communicate and troubleshoot with customers can greatly impact customer satisfaction and loyalty. One innovative solution that has revolutionized customer support is Watch and Learn, a comprehensive platform that combines […]

Streamline Sales with Instant Video Calls

Sales representatives are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer engagement. One such solution that has gained significant traction is the integration of instant video calls with a “Watch and Learn” feature. This powerful tool empowers sales reps to share videos online without requiring passwords, while also offering the option […]