How to Stop the Back and Forth Email Chains

In a fragmented office environment with more and more people working from home, email plus document sharing is no longer enough for collaboration. Instantly shareable videos are a great way to get your ideas across instead.


Going beyond plain text, recording a video and capturing your screen brings a new richness to your communication. Once you have recorded yourself and your screen, you can instantly share with a link.

Sharing videos allows you to show and tell, whether it’s a project management update, a product review or walking through an internal slide deck.

Sharing video can avoid the pain of round-robin emails and countless threads. Sharing video is the next best thing to live video meetings, which can be challenging to schedule in people’s diaries.

You can create your very own free Watch and Learn account here: 

Businesses can sign up for branded video sites and advanced analytics here:

PS Watch and Learn plays nicely with other collaboration tools such as Slack Google Docs and Twitter.

PPS All videos are transcribed and hence allows for powerful video search. Videos include transcription text for accessibility.