Reframing Performance Reviews

Async Video Reflections for Performance Reviews

The Power of Asynchronous Video Reflections in Fostering Continuous Growth and Collaboration

Imagine a world where the dread of performance reviews is replaced by a culture of continuous reflection and growth. In this world, employees are not merely passive recipients of feedback but active participants in their own evaluation process. This transformation begins with a simple tool: asynchronous video screencasts.

Here’s how it works: employees create short video screencasts at regular intervals, reflecting on their performance. These videos serve as a private communication channel with their line managers. Unlike traditional reviews, these screencasts encourage employees to regularly assess their achievements and learning, aligning their reflections with their objectives. What went well? What didn’t? Where can they improve? This introspection is not a sporadic, annual event but a continual process.

This method has a profound impact on the actual performance review meetings. Both manager and employee come well-prepared, having a series of reflections and discussions already in place. It’s not about springing surprises or managing anxiety anymore; it’s about building upon a well-established dialogue.

This approach taps into what psychologists call the “endowment effect” – the idea that people ascribe more value to things merely because they own them. By owning their performance narrative through regular video reflections, employees become more invested in their personal and professional growth.

Furthermore, these screencasts create a “tipping point” in the dynamics of performance reviews. They shift the focus from a top-down evaluation to a collaborative growth process. The asynchronous nature allows thoughtful, well-considered communication, leading to higher quality discussions during the review meetings.

In essence, asynchronous video screencasts democratize the performance review process. They are not just tools for evaluation but catalysts for continuous, reflective learning. In this new paradigm, performance reviews cease to be anxiety-inducing and become opportunities for meaningful, well-prepared discussions that truly drive personal and organizational growth.