How can video improve the recruitment process?

Increasingly, both in house HR teams and recruitment agencies are leveraging video for interview screening. Agencies and firms can save a lot of time with up to 70% improvements in hiring efficiency. Replacing time-consuming phone screens with on-demand video interviews allows your staff to screen three times as many candidates per day.

However, lots of these video interviewing apps are not that flexible. Often platforms lock a candidate into pre-selected interview questions which lack a personal touch. Furthermore, some candidates don’t like using video. Response times can slow as candidates prepare themselves for video capture with the right setting and correct attire.

Watch and Learn solves these problems by offering video, voice notes and text-based messaging for recruiter-to-candidate communications. This means that a candidate conversation starts off with subtle text messages or voice notes before video requests are made. Candidates post videos and you can then schedule a live video call within Watch and Learn with no extra software or download required.

This multi-channel approach leads to better conversion with candidates and better response rates. All this leads to improved times to hire.

There is nothing wrong with video recruitment but video only recruitment is quite inflexible. Watch and Learn offers a dynamic and flexible experience for candidates and is available via the web and mobile apps. Our web platform and apps can be branded up with your corporate identity.  

You can contact candidates directly one-to-one or set up private groups for online assessment centres. All videos are transcribed, increasing accessibility, you can also search for them easily. Sentiment analysis also allows you to understand the emotions in conversations to get greater insights into a candidate’s soft skill set.

Finally, using Watch and Learn you can do screencasts to coach candidates about a particular company and the expectations of the job role.

You can get started I test driving watching the following the link below:

Don’t let cumbersome and lengthy interviews slow down your recruitment process.




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