How to make our inboxes more emotional

We all complain about too many emails. We dream of an empty inbox… The reality is email works – we send a lot so we receive a lot. Email is still responsible for a high percentage of overall internet traffic.


So if the inbox is something people are familiar with, and let’s face it we are all curious to know who has sent us emails, how can we make our inbox warmer and more emotional?

The answer is to recreate an inbox for audio and video. The same workflow of chronological ordering, read and unread messages and the ability to reply exists only in rich media, not cold text.

There are times when scheduling a call doesn’t work, so a voice message would be better. Live video meetings are great but what about those who could not attend the meeting? For those people, a recorded video saves the hassle of scheduling and is more inclusive.

The inbox is not going away. Indeed, your video and audio inboxes need to link and integrate with your email systems. The difference is the misunderstanding and sheer volume of email can be reduced by adopting audio and video messaging. We can speak 3 times faster than we can type so audio or video messaging has obvious productivity benefits. It can also be argued that the clarity of video audio messages is less likely to be misinterpreted than emails.

If you want to try out a voice inbox or video inbox sign up for a free personal account below. Both Watch and Learn and Sound Branch have premium accounts for teams but it’s free for individuals.

Sign up free today and enjoy a new inbox experience!

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