Virtual Work Experience with Videos, Screencasts and Voice Notes

Virtual work experience

What is the need for virtual work experience?

The phrase “virtual work experience” is a trending subject right now; we’ve seen a direct increase in this topic since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit us. Even though lockdown restrictions have eased a little, a lot of businesses have changed the way they operate. Many have decided to move to a more permanent work-from-home model, or have decided to significantly reduce or stagger working hours for their staff. Both students and graduates are trying to find alternative ways to get work experience safely while we’re coming out of the lockdown phase.

What is a virtual work experience?

Virtual work experience can also be referred to as an online, remote, or e-learning experience. It gives students and graduates the opportunity to complete a full internship, with a strong video connection being the only thing required to join your online training.

The online nature means that students and graduates can work with businesses across the UK and even globally.

How can watch and Learn help with virtual work experience?

Using new video technology, such as Watch and Learn, is an easy way to enable the continuation of this valuable experience for students. Allowing live video calling or video, audio, and text chats.

It’s easy to set up and begin delivering work experience in 5 steps:

1. The video site between the student and business is set up

2. On this private video site tutors, students, and business people are registered as users.

3. Students are given a project brief by the business

4. Business managers and tutors can check in with students remotely using live video calling

5. Students evidence their work experience using videos, screencast and voice notes

Watch and Learn offers a fabulous opportunity for businesses, students, and tutors to collaborate to deliver incredible value not just to students in education but to businesses themselves.

It’s easy to scale, if you’d like more students to be involved, they can be added as additional users.


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