Troubleshooting for video calls: Audio, video, and more

video calling for freelancers

Technology can fail us at the best of times. This is even more apparent as more of us are working remotely, meaning our internet connection is our bread and butter. But what happens when technology fails us and we are left starring at our boss’s glitching forehead? Here at Watch and Learn, we think there might be a way around some of these technological fumbles. With our audio and video messaging, you will no longer have to worry about someone else’s dodgy wifi.

Interruptions at home

We all know the pain of being on a work call and spending the first 10 minutes asking, “Can you hear me?”. This is a thing of the past with audio and video messaging. When you can’t connect with a colleague, simply select their name and press record to create an audio or video file to send their way. If you don’t have time to catch them later, you can record your message for them to watch or listen to when they have internet.

Battling e-mails

It can be frustrating endlessly waiting for emails. Get your all your points across in one video or audio message. Only 7% of communication comes across in the words we say, so convey your point more clearly in a video.

Interruptions at home

Do you find working from home filled with distractions and little ones running in? No need to worry, as you can re-record your video or audio file before sending it. Check to see whether or not you can hear the kettle in the next room, or if the sound did cut out at 2mins 35 seconds.

When you can’t get the right lighting or the only space in the house was the kid’s bedroom, audio messaging is there to help. Rather than video calling with a busy background, send an audio file with all the information you need.

Connection problems

When you do manage to get a wifi connection, but it’s too slow for video, the transcription tool is here to help. When you record a video or audio file, it automatically transcribes what you say. This is great for those who don’t have the broadband speed, or have forgotten their headphones. You can also edit the text before uploading if there is sound interference on the video, or it picks up the wrong words. No need to endlessly repeat videos to catch watch someone just said.

Your internet connection may not always be on your side, but Watch and Learn is. When it’s hard to reach everyone remotely, or you ran out of time for a video call, video and audio messaging will back you up. Record now and they can watch, listen or read it later. For better communication than just a string of emails, use our video and audio messaging today.


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