Online Training for Health and Safety

Health and Safety: Stay well with Watch and Learn

Regardless of the industry, job, or position, health and safety are at the core of daily operations, uniting and protecting us all. We know how important it is for you to do things efficiently and correctly, to ensure that these important processes are implemented and understood.

Watch and Learn’s host of features are designed to improve communication, clarity, and collaboration across every aspect of your role. From secure Video Calling to Screencasting and Messaging, you can ensure there’s understanding and alignment across your entire field.

Compatible with mobile and desktop, make Watch and Learn work around your schedule, so you can stay up to date and current from the office or the road.

online training for health and safety
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Demonstrate and present

Health and safety starts with education and understanding, which is why it’s so important to ensure your team and your wider network stay informed about the latest expectations and guidelines. Our Video Calling and Messaging tools are there to ensure you can connect quickly and efficiently with everyone that needs to be looped in.

Host live calls with individuals or groups via your desktop or mobile device, and use the Screen Sharing feature to get everyone onto the same page.

When you need to send quick updates and reminders, reach out to your team via chat, video, or audio over the Messaging platform. The Audio to Text Transcription tool will type out your video and audio messages for you, so everyone can instantly read and understand what you’re sharing.

Use Video Calling and Messaging to:

  • Host meetings with your team
  • Update everyone on changes and advancements
  • Send documents to groups or individuals
  • Ask and answer questions

Crystal clear communication

When it comes to health and safety, clarity is essential. It’s important to set out expectations in a straightforward way, so everyone can understand and implement your guidance into their routines. Sometimes, all this information adds up to a pile of hefty documents that can be a challenge to digest – and that’s where we can help.

The Screencasting feature allows you to record your screen and your voice at the same time, so you can create and share content that optomises visuals, along with your own expertise.

You can also create video and audio messages to share with your team and your wider social network, making it easy to turn long, complex info into short, engaging, and effective comms.

Use these tools to:

  • Record your screen to talk through dense documents and highlight the most important details
  • Record quick videos to share updates and tips with your team
  • Share audio snippets that offer insight and advice on industry changes or challenges
  • Show and tell relevant stories and case studies
online training for health and safety
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Stay accountable

All the effort you put in to making health and safety actionable and clear only really counts if your audience is listening. The Engagement Analytics feature helps you monitor engagement with your content, so you can hold others – and yourself – accountable.

Use data and analytics to:

  • View how many people have engaged with your video and audio clips in the Plays tab
  • Keep track of your most active conversations in the Popular Chats tab
  • Get insight on the topics you’ve been covering the most in the Word Usage tab