Create and Share Smart Videos with AI

Instantly create video on your computer browser or mobile apps.
As you record your videos live transcription automatically creates your text.

  • On-boarding – Introduce new starters to staff across multiple locations.
  • Sales – Feedback on elevator pitches, open ended questions and objection handles with video coaching.
  • Marketing – Quickly send screen-casts and talking head videos on new product launches and the latest offers.
  • Software Development – Rapidly give feedback between business champions, product owners and developers during agile development.
  • Appraisals – Create videos evidencing your portfolio of work
  • Knowledge transfer – Powerful search of micro learning videos at the point of need for performance support on the job.

You can also download the Watch and Learn Google Chrome plugin to enable quick recording and sharing of screen-casts via the Chrome Web Browser on your timelines, your groups and your private messages.

You can create your very own public or private branded video site which works across all platforms be it:

Web access: 

Sign up for your free Watch and Learn account on the web

Download Mobile Apps: 

iPhone on the Apple App Store

 Android Phones on Google Play

Record / share your videos Either via the Mobile app, available on the Apple and Google app stores, or via our website.
Preview Videos Review your videos before you share with others.
Live Transcripts Videos are converted to text meaning you can save the text from a video, share it or search based on machine learning.
Push Notifications When you publish your new video, the app will notify people with a direct link to your video.
Social You can share and like new videos that have been uploaded.
watch and learn
Analytics Our clever reports means you can refine your content and review your strategy.
Custom Branding The app and website comes with branding which includes your logo and brand colours.
Sentiment Analysis Explore how your users are feeling with our sentiment analysis algorithm.
Security The Watch and Learn content is hosted on your private cloud and not accessible without secure login credentials.
Mobile Learning Watch and Learn is available via a native mobile app and a website.