Fuel sales teams with knowledge when they need it and allow them to share best practices

Convert more business, attract more customers and create coaching culture

In sales, collaboration and knowledge sharing is essential to creating a high performing team. Increasingly organisations are realizing this and equipping their teams with modern digital tools.

Watch and Learn, the user generated video mobile app, enables sales teams to practice, share competitive insights and collaborate with their peers.

Sales and product knowledge
Sales and product knowledge 4
Sales and product knowledge 2
Sales and product knowledge 3

01 Share your video client case studies, your pitch for feedback or even competitive intelligence

02 Increase product knowledge through sales team briefings from your product engineering team

03 Collaborate with your manager or coach for feedback in a 1:1 discussion

04 Reduce training costs through user generated content that is up to date and relevant

05 Understand the mood of your sales team through sentiment analysis