Artificial intelligence is a game changer
in the recruitment process

Whether it is hiring, appraisals, talent need identification or exit interviews, video is a great way for businesses
to streamline processes.

In the context of recruitment, you can gain more insights on candidates in far less time using Watch and Learn, the best recruitment software with video. Candidates can answer your questions in their own time and you can review the completed videos when it’s convenient for you.

Candidates can be shared with your hiring committee to make better decisions. This helps decide who should advance in the hiring process.

Hear from more candidates
Easily make comparisons

A new way for you to recruit talent

Video is not going away. Whether it’s YouTube, TikTok or Netflix people love video. That’s why Watch and Learn, our recruitment software, is leveraging video to make your hiring process more delightful for candidates and to make it easier for your hiring teams.


Showcase your company on a branded video site  by showing videos of existing employees at work telling their stories.


See the person behind the CV by allowing candidates to produce videos for review by your hiring managers and teams

On board

Before a new starter actually starts send them video content and video learning material.

share knowledge

When you eventually get to meet candidates face-to-face a lot of the lower value questions have already been asked which means you can do more practical tests and higher value interactions.

Thousands of organisations from a wide range of industries are using video recruitment to streamline the business and increase the quality of hiring.
Make better hires faster.

Meet the real person
behind the CV

Watch and Learn is an advanced recruitment software with video that helps you personalise your recruitment process.

We understand that you are busy filtering through your candidates sifting through CVs. Telephone interviews are still a popular way to gauge the quality of a candidate and whether they will fit.

Video interviewing shortens your hiring process and it’s cost-effective. You also maintain human interaction and ensure you find the highest quality candidates.

video recruitment
Faster time to hire
Better matching of candidates
Greater preparation time
Interview more candidates
Identify the best talent
Interview anywhere