Make eye-wateringly good launch videos for your new products

Including video in your strategy can help take your product launch from good to great.

Explainer videos are here to stay in the startup world for good reason. We’d be hard-pressed to think of a better way to easily convey the benefits of a product, business, or service than through a short and sweet explainer video. They’re also great for teasing soon-to-be-released products too.

You can use product launch videos to go into detail about how to get the most out of a particular aspect of it. You can create demo videos, including footage of people actually using your product.

Explain your product
Answer questions

A good pre-launch video has the potential to go viral

There’s no question that videos can be a powerful marketing tool. Using them as part of your next product launch can help you capture attention, drive traffic to your site and persuade people to make a purchase.

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The Teaser

Teaser videos are perfect for creating a buzz or generating excitement.

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The Launch Event

If you are hosting a launch event, keep the momentum going after your official launch.

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The Product Demo

Product demo videos are great for persuading potential customers to close the deal.

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Producing a more in-depth video that explains a product’s specifications and acts as a sort of “review” is ideal for audiences that are looking for more information.

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You can create a launch video for everything from a new brand or website, to a new feature in your existing product, even books can benefit from teaser videos!

Show customers
how products work

Launching a new product can mean big things for your company: press coverage, new customers, and a healthy boost to the bottom line.

A smart product launch strategy with video is the key to making a splash with your latest products and services.

Play up your products' benefits
Increase product knowledge
Feature user-generated videos
Build excitement
Share news with existing customers
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