Knowledge sharing with video made easy.

Maximise knowledge sharing on the job to provide your workforce with performance support.

Fuel marketing and sales teams with knowledge when they need it and allow them to share best practices.

In business, collaboration and knowledge sharing is essential to creating a high performing team. Increasingly organisations are realizing this and equipping their teams with modern digital tools.

Convert more business, attract more customers and create coaching culture.

Watch and Learn, the user generated video mobile app, enables sales and marketing teams to practice, share competitive insights and collaborate with their peers.

Practice Skills
Share Knowledge

Allow your learners to create content and share their expertise.

Through Watch and Learn’s clever feedback and analytics engine, learners can improve their on the job performance which reduces the amount of formal classroom costs to the business. Our mission is to ensure that learning is continuous, not a one off fix for a short period … but remembered and unforgotten.

Watch and Learn knowledge sharing

Share Knowledge

Allow your learners to create content and share their expertise.

share knowledge


Clever reporting that keeps you in tune with your workforce, partners or customers.

knowledge sharing analytics


Before a new starter actually starts send them video content and video learning material.

watch and learn transcripts

Watch and learn is a tool to enable retention of learning within your organisation, making the informal learning a formal process for L&D teams to capture learning as it happens in the business.

knowledge sharing with video

We have found that this increases retention of learning for 80% and more over time, rather than completely diminishing.

Sales and Marketing

Through the use of video, learners can share their knowledge faster and practice their sales product pitches, communication and negotiation skills.

Using informal learning tools which are part of the job increases performance as the employee knowledge is retained and they are learning by doing through experience

Share your video case studies
Increase product knowledge
Collaborate with your team
Reduce training costs
Understand the mood of your team
Videos translate to text