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27th February 2019

What is Sales Enablement?

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According to Forrester Research, Sales Enablement is defined as:

‘’Channel and Sales Enablement. Provide sales (direct and channel) the tools that will give them access to the knowledge assets that support in-process sales pursuits. Foster sharing of information on a two-way basis as information learned in the field can be used to tune, refresh, and continuously improve the knowledge base. […] focusing on “searchability and findability” of information’’

Based on this definition, we can expand Sales Enablement which is all about providing the correct knowledge to the sales professionals at the right time.

Here’s some considerations when designing Sales Enablement:

1. Personalisation

This is probably the most important ingredient. Think about your experience on Netflix, for the sales professional, this needs to be the same. For example, because you viewed content about closing techniques, we will provide you with more content about this subject matter.

2. Knowledge at the Point of Need

Modern sales teams are mobile, in fact according to Slack, 43% of employed Americans work remotely and more than 70% of the global population work remotely more than once per week. It’s critical that your content is accessible via mobile devices so that your team can easily access training content whenever they like.

3. Customer Journey

When designing your sales enablement training, think about the customer journey. For example, this often has the following steps:

  • Discovery/ exploration
  • Requirements
  • Engagement with the market
  • Proposals
  • Due diligence
  • Decision making
  • Selection

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