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22nd February 2019

Watch & Learn for Medical Device Sales Teams

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Sales professionals are under increasing pressure to deliver results, not only are they selling high value Medical Device products, but also the sector is highly regulated.

More and more, Medical Device businesses are looking for innovative tools which are more agile and can suit these increasing demands.

The need for increased knowledge and collaboration in Medical Device sales teams is due to several factors.

Medical Device sales teams

With Watch & Learn, top Medical Device Sales teams are benefiting from:

  • Speed up the onboarding process
  • Faster, agile product launches – enabling alignment between sales and marketing
  • Increased collaboration between sales professionals through knowledge sharing
  • More coaching opportunities with less travel for face-to-face meetings

A Medical Device business found that using video learning as part of their sales coaching has reduced costs by 80% and enabled 40% increase in sales quota attainment, using video learning.

Watch & Learn for Medical Device Sales Teams

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