10th May 2018

When Live Video Conference doesn’t work!

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We have all been there. Bandwidth issues and dropping of connections leading to delays on video calls. Perhaps it’s people join the video call 5 minutes late or indeed the whole scheduling of the meeting in the first place!

Face to face meetings and live video are a necessary evil for communicating, agreeing decisions and next steps. An alternative approach can be taken.

What if you saved time by not having to schedule the meeting and you conducted the meeting on demand. You still had the quality conversations but the timing was more on your terms and could be moulded into your busy schedule. Live video conference call services already have record options to capture live meetings for playback but why not do that in the first instance.

Just in time video messaging can be a viable alternative to the more traditional live meeting. Whilst you might not get instant answers to your question you’ll get a better prepared answer and often more concise messages. How many times have you asked a question for the person only respond let me get back to you on that? Video messaging gives people the rich communication medium but more flexibility when it comes to timings. There are no interruptions to conversations and the ability to play back what was said is not only good for governance but also for memory recap.

For example, I would much rather post a video message to a busy manager so it gives them time to prepare their answer and come back to me. Now if something is serious, urgent and important immediate calls and meetings are understandable but in most instances, video message will suffice.

Quite often I have a manager in America debrief to me via video message as part of their stakeholder management. There are also instances when my schedule does not allow me to speak to someone during the day and I can play a video message from home.

Meetings need to become more on demand because this is a smarter way of working. Yes, the monthly board meeting will always be live and very much face to face but other types of meetings can be facilitated by on demand video messaging.

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