13th February 2018

Can I share something with you?

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It’s my complete exasperation with some YouTube videos! I want to find out about something, but the person who made the video drones on and on and on and on I’m hoping that he’ll eventually get to the gist of the matter, but it’s taking him ages.  I could scream at him or throw my laptop against a wall. Totally maddening.  Sometimes they don’t even get to the gist, or their content is so trite, it’s worthless.



Calm down.

And be thankful for Watch and Learn.

Because Watch and Learn is video recorded for your business, it can be as you want it to be and for who you want it to be for (but could also be for the WWW if you’re in a magnanimous mood).

And because audio gets automatically converted to text, it’s a synch to search for what you’re looking for.

Content that gets straight to the point. No wasted time. No increased blood pressure. So, not only is my productivity helped because I can find out immediately what I need to know, but my mind is in a better place to receive the information. I haven’t switched off.  I haven’t blown a mental fuse. I call that a win-win. I call that Watch and Learn.

And if you haven’t noticed – and it only occurred to me now as I typed in the final full stop – this is a short blog. Hopefully quality, not quantity. Those YouTube video makers would do well to remember that!