31st October 2017

‘Watch and Learn’ is what my mum used to say

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I don’t know about you but when I was young and learning to do chores around the house my mother used to say ‘Watch and Learn’. What my mum was doing was assisting me on the job. Whether it was learning to shine shoes, paint, cook a sausage or some other household task my mother was there in times of needs. You see, my mother was a housewife, that, ever since giving birth to me she was there to help.

When my mum wasn’t around we would often mess things up. Burn the toast, forget to take out the bins or we’d be told off for not emptying the dishwasher. Nowadays when people are stuck and nobody is there we can FaceTime someone to get them to show us how, or we can turn to YouTube, the second biggest search engine in the world, to watch a how-to video.

YouTube is great in the consumer world but it’s not designed for business. SnapChat is popular with millennials but it’s not designed for business. Video is being shared more than any other type of social media. All the big social media platforms are promoting video functionality because it grabs the users attention. Only recently Facebook launched a challenger product to Netflix, and Amazon Prime is where entertainment or education people are glued to their screens. We are all watching and learning.

That’s why we created Watch and Learn. The domain name for Watch and Learn was registered over 10 years ago and I’ve had numerous parties wanting to get it off me. What if you could share 2 to 5 minute tutorial videos quickly on the web without any YouTube advertising? What if you could share your knowledge through videos in private groups with your peers? Or perhaps you could do 1 to 1 chat videos similar to SnapChat but without the disappearing videos which you can only watch once!

Introducing Watch and Learn – a social learning platform designed for Video. Watch and Learn videos can be streamed or curated from the web or your mobile devices using apps. The acquisition of Lynda.com by LinkedIn in the world’s biggest EdTech deal shows that video is here to stay and with Netflix spending more and more money on original content to drive usage, why not get your employees creating videos?

Through Watch and Learn’s business console, sophisticated permissions and levels can be set up to enable or disable publishing to the public web. There are options to include videos which last forever or for videos to disappear after a period of time. All video’s audio is converted to text and hence is searchable on Watch and Learn. Videos are hosted on Watch and Learn on Amazon Web Services just like with Netflix. People can search for videos as a performance support tool at their point of need meaning they are not interrupting co-workers for those 10-second 2-click interventions.

To avoid any inappropriate content, videos can be reported and flagged to management and a publishing workflow can be set up so that videos are authorised before being published just as you would authorise a transaction on an online banking website.

Sophisticated analytics in Watch and Learn allows you to track who’s watched what and when or who’s completed a video or dropped out at a particular time. Interactive quizzes can be overplayed on top of the videos or signpost learners to useful links to related resources.

Content curation and learning design can be costly and difficult to manage. Watch and Learn puts the learner in control of their learning and allows them to become teachers and publishers driving their engagement to new levels. Instead of the command and control where all the power is in the Learning and Development department or with management, social learning allows the end users to get involved.

You can’t force somebody to learn just as you can’t force someone to empty the dishwasher. If you let someone own their learning, let them take control and to share their experiences through co-creation, learning can take them to new heights.

Written by Sean Gilligan